What is the secret to maximizing profits and staying competitive with your room rates?

Revcaster uses advanced business intelligence to help hotels raise profits. The internet is everywhere and transforming how consumers make purchasing decisions. Hoteliers are also using this information super highway to increase their own market intelligence and better understand their competition.  Collecting and analyzing data about your competitors’ rate strategy can be timely, costly and ineffective if you go at it alone. Revcaster can help.


Why Revcaster?

Shop more competitors

Each subscription allows you to shop up to 8 competitors plus your hotel at a price that is equal to or lower than what other rate shopping companies offer.

On Demand Shopping

By adding On-Demand to your subscription you can create and run customized shops directly from your Revcaster dashboard, any time you want for any days you need.

Unique tools and reports

We offer a robust set of tools and reports that allow you to analyze your rate information in a completely new way, giving you the ability to make smarter and more profitable decisions even faster.

Daily pricing updates

Data is updated daily with most subscriptions and can be accessed from your online dashboard anytime, shared as a unique web link that you can email to other users, or downloaded as an Excel, PDF or XML file.

Simple pricing and terms

We give you more competitors to shop and more channels. The only thing you have to figure out is the number of days to shop for your report. And since we don’t require long term contracts, you can stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

Superior customer service

We were hoteliers before we were software geeks, and we know how important service is to our customers. Our local support team responds quickly and professionally through email, phone and even chat!